Team Work


The SOAR Project is operationalised through 5 Work Streams. Each work stream has four specific named objectives. Work streams and their objectives are not mutually exclusive, they allow for crossover and complementarity. In all aspects of work stream implementation the SOAR Project communicates the value of participation in higher educationand promotes access routes and post entry supports. The five work streams are: Travellers in Education; Enabling Transitions; Connecting Communities, Connecting Curriculum; 1916 Bursary Fund and Partnership for Access

  • Provide Train the Trainer accreditation for TCAT.
  • Enhance Traveller cultural awareness and inclusion in schools
  • Improve and support Traveller access to third level.
  • Develop models of best practice for Traveller support.

Travellers In Education

  • Support the transition, integration and retention of students with disabilities in third level.
  • Build assistive technology competency and adoption in schools.
  • Enhance supports for students with disabilities in third level.
  • Support and enhance 'college readiness' for students with disabilities

Enabling Transitions

  • Identify models of best practice in student Mentoring.
  • Establish Community Mentoring Partnerships.
  • Design and deliver accredited Mentor Training Programme.
  • Delivery of Mentoring Programme in colleges, schools, communities.

Connecting Communities, Curriculum

  • Devise a Cross-Cluster 1916 Bursary Fund implementation strategy.
  • Raise awareness of 1916 Bursary Fund amongst target groups.
  • Develop clear, transparent and robust policies and procedures aligned with current best practice.
  • Successful implementation and roll-out of 1916 Bursary Fund across the cluster.

1916 Bursary Fund

  • Identify existing cluster partnerships.
  • Identify and engage new partners to support project implementation.
  • Devise and assess best practice partnership guidleines.
  • Map project partnerships and collaborations.

Partnership For Access