TMLE Resource

The Technology to Make Learning Easier(TMLE) course/resource was developed to enable students, parents and teachers to use technology to assist learning.  Using technology that is readily available on computers and phones or technology that is free to download ensures easy access and usage. Aimed at TY students and educators, but applicable to all, the course includes resources, advice, guides on a verity of digital tools that help make reading, writing and studying easier. Each modules includes step-by-step videos to support students to engage with the technology. To allow students make the most of these free learning tools the course also provides materials for developing some fundamental IT skills including touch-typing and file management.

For students with more complex learning needs, the tools and resources in the course provide an excellent foundation on which to build and use more specialized AT for students with sensory and/physical disabilities.

  • Students and parents can use the resourcevideos to learn how to use the technology.
  • Teachers can explore course videos, links and materials with students in class, exploring new content and learning together.
  • Teachers can adapt course content for their school/class and circumstances.
  • Course includes resources to help teachers share their teaching and learning materials digitally.

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Free Technology to Make Learning Easier

Training for teachers and special needs assistants on how to use the TMLE resource is delivered regularly through the Cork Education Support Centre.


Deirdre Madden
Assistive Technology Outreach Coordinator