Mentors in Education

Following a comprehensive consultation process with the local Traveller community, MTU – Kerry Campus developed a part-time, Level 6, 15-credit Certificate in Mentoring in Education. The programme aims to provide accredited training to members of the Traveller community to equip them with knowledge and skills to provide mentoring support to Traveller students and support Traveller parents to enhance their understanding of the education system and support their engagement with schools. The programme was co-created with Travellers and developed in partnership with Kerry Travellers Health and Community Development Project (KTHCDP).

The course was divided into two modules. ‘The Irish Education System’ covered the pathways for progression for all Irish citizens from primary to third level education, including supports such as grants and bursaries, and legislation which protects the rights of students and families within the system. The second module, ‘Mentoring for Education’, focused specifically on advocacy and mentoring for Traveller families through provision of support and positive role-modelling. Participants completed a short preparatory course in computers prior to commencing the programme modules.

Thirteen Traveller women completed the Certificate, eight of whom are now employed as part-time Education Mentors with KTHCDP. Graduates are continuing their own professional development and are completing additional bespoke modules in IT & Communications and Life Skills.

An evaluation of the programme was conducted, the report Traveller Mentors: An Evaluation of the Certificate in Mentoring in Education can be accessed on the Evaluation and Publications page.

A promotional video showcasing the Certificate in Mentoring Education programme was also developed.




Christina Boland

Traveller Liaison Officer, MTU Kerry Access Service